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What? and how?

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Our first year we are focused on building community in homes and building a core team. 

Building A Core Team

We will be engaged in a community group through our key Partner Movement Church. Through that group, through the church and through other relationships we develop we will find a core team. Our drive will be to help create Christ centered community that takes responsibility for a particular area of the city. Currently we believe that our area would either be the southwest region or the northwest region. We will be starting in the southwest and asking God for wisdom as he narrows down His calling on our lives. 

Building Community

We will spend our time both meeting people where they live work and play, as well as building map to help us identify our focus areas. 

Each community will have sections where life happens and most people who live in the Richmond area stay within their region. Our hope is to find the places and things they frequent most often. The communial areas that we could interact with our community. Through these commual areas we will build relationships and share gospel through our normal conversations. 

Examples of places we intend to participate are...

The gym or a community center (Y or Golds Gyms)

Shoping areas (Westchester Commons)

Activities for our kids (Sports, day camps, parks, schools etc.) This could offer people in our core team as well as myself opportunity to volunteer in our community. 

Bridge the Gap

Move people from having faith in Christ to becoming a Disciple

Acts 14 Church Plant Strategy

Preach the Gospel

Make Disciples

Strengthen Encourage

Apoint Leaders

Declare God's Work

In the book of Acts we see the early disciples develop multiple local churches. In Acts 14 we see a pattern that I believe can help us as we move into the Richmond area.  Our plan is to follow this pattern over a 9 month time period as we use this flow to create a team. So as we get close you will see us progress with a community as we build to declare of what has done by the end of our nine months. Please pray for us as multiple people will participate in this process, but at varying steps. Yes, we will start with Gospel, but some of the people who join us will be ready to be strengthened and encouraged. However, this will be a great way for us to show you how our community is mobilizing.  







Acts 2 Discipleship












We want to create a culture of Discipleship. From the beginning of meeting some one, to the point of conversion, to the point of covenant with community, we want each individual to have access to some one.


In some cases an individual will connect to the larger gathering, for others they can connect best with a community group. However for some they will connect because a discipleship group takes responsibility for a relationship and engages their friends, nieghbors, coworkers. 

Discipleship groups are committed to keep one another accountable to live out our core values. These are values we identified that align with Scripture. We see them particularly align with Acts 2: 42- 47. 3-5 per group gender specific

Start New Groups
Start New Groups